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We take choral (and companion products) and handbell music “on consignment” and pay for it when we sell it. For octavos, we will pay a cash price of $.20 per copy or a credit against a future purchase of $.25 per copy; for cantatas, musicals, and collections the cash price is $1.00 and the credit price is $1.25. Prices for other product will vary according to the item and condition at our discretion. PLEASE NOTE: the credit you receive can be applied to either used music OR new music.

We sell used octavos at $1.00 per copy. The price for cantatas, musicals, and collections is $4.50 per copy. Prices for other items vary according to the specific product.

In our on-line catalog, we have also listed our new music inventory. These items are NOT at the $1.00 and $4.50 price but are priced at what is normally the publisher’s list price.

Instructions for shipping used choral music

1. Examine the music for the condition of the paper. The paper should be in good enough condition that no taping is necessary. If the music is in too poor condition for us to resell, we will destroy it.

2. Remove all filing envelopes, file boxes etc. It is helpful to rubber band each title.

3. Use as large a carton as possible where the weight will not exceed 70 pounds. If your church uses 8 X 11 or 8 X 14 copy paper, these cartons make good shipping cartons. NOTE: do NOT use the post office PRIORITY MAIL boxes even if you wrap them in paper.

4. Keep a list of what is in each carton. Keep this list in your possession; we do not need it. Be very specific with this list. You should have quantity, title, publisher, publisher’s order number, composer/arranger, voicing and whether an octavo or cantata etc.

5. Fill each carton completely and pack them tightly and fully. Be sure to put your return address both inside each carton and on the outside of each carton and let us know how many boxes you are shipping. It is also helpful if you give us the phone number of the organization and the choir director’s name.

6. Use a good grade of strapping tape to seal each carton. Do not use masking tape, scotch tape or duct tape.

7. Mark each box ‘MEDIA MAIL” and take them to the post office for shipment. This is normally the cheapest way to ship.

8. Please send music only during the months of January through August.

9. Shipping address on each carton should read

283 Fifth Street
Whitehall PA 18052-6599


1. Hymnals; we will list hymnals in the catalog but do not have room to store quantities. If you have one or two copies of a hymnal, it is alright to send these.

2. Any subscription magazines such as “Volunteer Choir”, “Choir Leader”, “Choir Herald”, “Opus One”, etc. We will destroy any of these that you send.

3. Single or small quantities of any choral music. We will destroy these. A good guideline to follow is 10 copies or more for octavos and 5 copies or more for cantatas and books. Single copies are alright for companion products such as listening cassettes, CD’s or accompaniment tapes.

4. Any reproduced music whether legally (with permission) or illegally reproduced. This music cannot be resold and we will destroy it.

When we receive the music, we will enter it into the computer as soon as we are able; print out a list of what we have received and send that list to you. Be aware that due to the volume of music we receive, it may be quite some time before we are able to send this information to you. You should then compare our list with your list to be sure we have received all the music you sent. We will pay cash or credit your account as we sell the music.

Shipping Charges
(Based on the dollar value of your order)



S/H Charge




















& up

actual shipping cost + $3.00 handling fee

*Extra shipping fee may be added for hymnals and hard cover textbook orders. Please contact Young's Music with questions about this policy or for additional information.

These rates are for Ground Service within the continental United States. Shipments outside the continental USA and ALL priority Shipments will be billed individually. THESE RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE

Thank you for your attention to these details. If you have any questions, please call Pat at 1-800-628-6204.



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